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The Documents provide step by step instructions to complete the application and registration for the WIOA program - Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act Program.  Remember you will need to upload a copy of the following documents to help complete enrollment.  You will be uploading the copies to our Database called MyOneFlow.  That information is in the step-by-step instructions in the attachment.


The website to upload your important documents is called MyOneFlow – the website is -


You will need to have a profile on this website also –


Documents to upload:   

Driver’s License 

Copy Social Security Card 

Copy Birth Certificate or Unexpired U.S Passport 

The Selective Service Verification -   All males after age 18 should be registered.  That link can provide a letter that you can upload after you get your verification if you registered.

Copy your resume if you have one 

Copy of your latest Paystub if working – Or Approved Unemployment Benefits Document

If wanting the Class A CDL training:  

You will need a CDL Learner's Permit from DMV and a Copy of DMV driving Record with either zero or plus points (You cannot have any negative points to be able to move forward to training.  


The Enrollment Coordinator is Kim Young - Email:  After completing the application and uploading the needed documents, wait at least a week or two and if you haven't received an email from our enrollment coordinator, please email him to find out your status towards completing your enrollment.