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Company Sponsor Registration Guidelines

Company Sponsor Registration Guidelines

We thank you for your sponsorship and support, and as always, look forward to working with you and your employees/participants.

A company sponsor MUST register their employees/participants. To register your employees/participants for Richmond Adult Technical Center, please follow the guidelines below.

Check for Online Registration dates.

1. Register Employees/Participants at the website (include completion of Company Sponsored Section), pay with credit card.

2. Email with Employee/Participants Name and course registered for


 A Letter of Intent: 

1.     Complete Intent Letter (Must be on Company Letterhead)

2.     Complete a Student Information Form

3.     E-mail or fax 804-780-6040 the Letter of Intent and Student Information Form.


Payments can be made by, company check or electronic transfer to Richmond Public Schools (RPS), to be invoiced, or a credit card payment can be made through our website at

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office @ 804-780-6272. 



 Click button below for Student Information Form