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1. How much does each class cost?
The classes vary in price. The cost is determined by the class in which you elect to enroll.

2. What time are the class hours?
Classes are offered from 6:30 – 9:30 pm

3. What days of the week are the classes offered?
The classes are offered two nights per week. There are some classes that are offered one night per week upon registration. This information will be provided.

4. How long are the classes?
The first semester will begin in August and run through December.  There is a break and the second semester begins in January and ends in May. The classes run on the High/Secondary school schedule.

5. Is financial aid offered?
 No, the RATC does not offer financial assistance. Future plans are being researched to offer this service.

6. How can I enroll in a class?
There are several ways to enroll in a course: by calling (804) 780-6272, by walk-ins, and online registration.  

7. Are there counselors to offer assistance in the selection of the proper class?
No, there are no counselors available but the Administrator and Instructor will assist in directing all students to the correct courses. Some courses are based on guided and approved program specifications.    

8. How many years will it take to complete a program?
The programs are listed one year, two years or four years.

9. What are the office hours?
The RATC office is opened from 5:30-9:30 Monday through Thursday.

10. Will I receive a diploma or certificate upon completion?
Answer: Yes, students who meet the requirements for completion will receive a certificate.

11. Is there a test for the journeymen’s license offered through RATC?
No, the test is offered through PSI exams, after DPOR approval.

12. How many classes are required to complete the Cosmetology or Barbering?                                                                                                                                           Cosmetology and Barbering programs are two semesters in length, 150 clock hours, 75 hours per semester.

13. How many nights can I miss per semester?
Each student is allowed one (1) night per semester. Missed nights can be made up by attending another similar class with the authorization of your instructor before the end of the semester.

14. Can I get my money back if I have a problem with a class?
Reimbursements are granted based on certain administrative criteria such as:  
Must meet deadline identified in the policy page.  
Must provide an original copy of your receipt.  
Reason must be justified and approved by the administrator.

15. If I have a complaint about my class, teacher, projects, etc.   Who should I speak with?
Please speak with the Program Administrator about any concerns about your experience in the class.

16. What is the Apprenticeship Program and how can I register?
The Apprenticeship program is an agreement between an employer and you the student. RATC offers related instruction and this is half of the State requirement for certification/license.

17. How can I get in touch with DPOR?
By written correspondence to 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400,  Henrico, VA 23233 or call (804) 367-8500